No Strangers in the World

Diperbarui: 10 Jun 2020

It was John Donne, who said, “No man is an island.” And yet we live life at such a pace that people get squeezed out of our lives and although we don’t want to we do in fact often live a Robinson Crusoe kind of existence. Likewise, all of the time saving devices that we possess take up so much time that people can easily get left behind or pushed to the side in the process of living life. Even in the church we can end up knowing lots of people very superficially without developing real, deep friendships.

Wapke (my wife) was telling me how her day was brightened up this week. She was shopping in Eastland when she saw a very tall Sudanese man with beautiful black shiny skin, who was wearing a tee-shirt with the slogan, “No strangers in the world.”

“No strangers in the world.” – For the believer there should indeed be “no strangers in the world,” because we above all people recognize that all people, black or white, rich or poor, wise or foolish, young or old, male or female are made in ‘the image and likeness of God.’ And therefore must be treated with respect, dignity and love.

For the Christian, there can be no racism or discrimination of any kind in our midst. Thus we must stand against racism and discrimination in any and every form. Why? Because Christ has destroyed all the barriers, he has broken down the wall of hostility. While this may not be a reality for all people or peoples in the world. We as the people of God are called to live out that reality in the world today as a sign of the coming of the kingdom of God in Jesus Christ.

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