The Journey

Diperbarui: 27 Mar 2020

We are all on a journey and the journey itself is hugely important. How we live and interact with the world around us is of immense consequence. How we treat our family, friends, and those we meet each day defines to some degree the kind of person we are and want to become. Our treatment of the weak, the defenceless, the lonely, the stranger, the alien, the widow and the orphan impacts the nature of our identity and who we aspire to be, both individually and corporately as a community.

Many in our postmodern world shout loudly that it’s the journey rather than the destination that matters. Yet that is foolish, simply because a journey is not a journey without the hope of an arrival at a destination at the end of the journey. Think of Tolkien’s wonderful story, The Lord of the Rings despite the destruction of the ring and the return of the King, along with the many amazing adventures along the way. The story is not complete until the Hobbits arrive home. Yet for Frodo, even that is not enough. He needs to make that final journey across the sea. Let us not only think about the journey but also about our destination and the meaning of the journey itself.

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