Today is a new day and none of us really know what the day will bring. We may have our schedule planned down to the minute or we may wake up wondering what we will do today. Yet we don’t really know what may eventuate or what interruptions will intervene and turn our plans on their head. However, interruptions are at the heart of life, it is often during the interruptions that some of the most important happenings of our lives occur. This is especially true with respect to issues of faith. It is often those accidental encounters that change our lives or the lives of those we encounter. It lies in the unexpected happenings that we encounter angels unawares. It is in such happenings that God sneaks up on us and we enter the presence of the holy sometimes in the most unlikely ways or in the most unexpected places. So often we fail to allow for these kinds of interruptions, consequently, we miss those very crucial and potentially important happenings because we are so preoccupied with what we are doing or what we think is important. Let us strive to live each day with one eye on the possibility of such happening occurring in the most unlikely places and in the most unexpected ways. Such interruptions and happenings are vital to a living dynamic faith.

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