Does Success Always Offer the Right Payoff?

Diperbarui: 4 Des 2019

We live in a success-orientated society and the pressure to succeed is immense. Otherwise, we can end on the scrapheap of life or so the world out there keeps on telling us. Yet how important is the success compared to living a whole life within a holistic lifestyle? Yet a life that has meaning and builds significant relationships, which benefit not only ourselves but also all those around us just, may be far more significant. Yet I am not saying that success is of no value. Of course, it is, but not at the cost of losing ourselves in the process and alienating those around us. Certainly, vocationally we should aim to do the things we are asked to do well. Yet, we need to balance the desire to succeed with the need to be and become a whole person even if that means not advancing up the ladder of success as quickly as we would like or not taking a promotion so that we can spend more time with our family and friend while doing the things that give lasting meaning to life. It might even involve working only three or four days per week instead of five, which may mean we do not advance in our job. We will receive less money and also less stress but the payoff might just mean a more whole and holistic life and lifestyle.

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