The Need of Silence and Stillness

Diperbarui: 20 Des 2019

Silence is sometimes difficult to find unless we deliberately seek it out. We live in a world of incessant noise in this digital and technological society and unless we actively seek quietness and silence then it will not come our way. Silence can become part of our life but only if we really want it. Certainly, we need silence more than any other generation that has preceded us. So what steps do we need to put in place to make silence an integral part of our life. Well, it will be different for each one of us.

Maybe the best way to begin is to deliberately set aside moments throughout our day where we take a minute or two out of the busyness of our life. Simply set aside one or two minutes two or three times in the day to sit with our eyes closed and be totally silent. By making this a regular part of our life, then our lives we will be better equipped to handle the rest of our day. An additional approach is to learn a mindfulness technique that helps us unwind and relax. Once we have mastered such a technique, we will not only be able to relax but also develop times of reflection that will invigorate our day. Finally, a spiritual retreat once or twice a year, while it may take time to master, is really helpful in helping us cope with the busyness of life. It best to start with a two-day retreat and build up to a week-long retreat. A retreat may be guided by a spiritual advisor, or it can be an unsupervised personal retreat either way once you get into the rhythm of retreating it can become an important part of your life fulfilling the need for silence and stillness.

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