Responding to the Scarcity of Truth

Diperbarui: 31 Mei 2020

Truth appears to be scarce in many sectors of life in this post-truth society in which we now live. Truth as taken on a very Humpty Dumpty kind of meaning in that it is whatever anyone wants it to be. Truth is whatever serves one’s purpose or cause instead of what is true, honest, and faithful to the facts. The epitome of this is Donald Trump who typifies this post-truth society, but Trump is not the only one. In politics of all shapes and sizes, the same traits are observable. There are few, if any, areas of life that the post-truth phenomenon as not penetrated. So, how can we resist this phenomenon? Certainly, there are no easy answers. First, I would suggest that we guard our integrity by refusing to buy into this phenomenon and the worldview factors that support it. Secondly, that we call out untruths wherever and whenever they occur in our society both by individuals and corporate entities. I understand that we live in a world where there are no absolutes or more accurately where everyone has their own set of absolutes. However, there are many things that we can agree on regardless of whether we are people of faith or not, It is with the things that we can agree upon that we should start. In so doing, we should respond not as those who have all the answers but with humility and courage. Third, instead of stating a particular thing is untrue we must present reasonable and persuasive arguments concerning the things we disagree with and see as untrue. Fourthly, we should also recognise that things we thought to be true formerly are not valid today. We can and must change our mind when better explanations come along while remaining faithful to God and his word.

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