An Aching Void

Diperbarui: 25 Sep 2019

For many people in our world, today life is an aching void it is empty and without meaning. Despite the busyness and the transient pleasure that life brings there is an underlying disillusionment, disappointment and despair that cannot easily be shaken off without a focal point or an anchor that gives meaning and stability to life. Life becomes a burden an existence without rest or hope. Indeed, life without Jesus Christ is life without light, life without direction, life without purpose, and life without hope. However, to suggest that Jesus is the answer to those living in a post-Christendom, post-Christian society is itself meaningless to many inhabitants of this post-everything world. Rather than propose Jesus as the answer to their needs, we must live out our lives before them as a living demonstration of the reality of Jesus in us. Only then are they likely to be drawn to Jesus himself and recognise their own need of him in this post-everything world.

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