Everyone is a Heretic

Diperbarui: 24 Okt 2019

G. K. Chesterton once wrote that when people stop believing in truth, they don’t merely believe in nothing; instead, they believe in anything. In many ways, Chesterton’s words are as relevant today as they ever were for we live in a post-truth society in which truth is whatever you want it to be. The idea of a body of truth, which is widely accepted because of its outright veracity has gone out of fashion. The result is gullibility rather than scepticism. Consequently, many people are bewildered and lack conviction, particularly in matters of faith, because it’s socially unacceptable to have strong convictions about anything. Thus people today believe in anything and everything without significant commitment, and so everyone, to use Peter Berger’s expression, is a heretic. In such an environment, it is crucial that we live out the gospel, and build meaningful relationships so that we earn the right to speak and do so from a place of credibility.

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